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This is a short list of Irv's areas of expertise

Consulting in Risk and Resilience

Your business landscape is changing continuously. What are your risks? How resilient is your organization?
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Professional Development and Training

Your customers’ expectations are raising the bar on the qualifications that your team must bring to win and keep your customers. SCOPE offers face to face and onsite training...
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Supply Chain Management

Everyone talks about SCM yet approaches to SCM are diverse based on many factors including location, organization, technology and professional development of your team. What are your driving philosophies?...
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Course Options


Irv offers a number of options for courses

Supply Chain Resilience Level 1

  • This course is to provide a level of appreciation to the learner regarding the elements of basic supply chain management (SCM), an evolving field which seeks to integrate the functions of an organization… While SCM has evolved in improving organizations’ efficiency and profitability by applying technology, vulnerabilities have been exposed through globalization. The course seeks to position the continued maturity of SCM in a more comprehensive approach including supply chain risk and resilience.
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Supply Chain Resilience Level 2

  • Level 2 will provide a tremendous amount of new content that will assist you in operationalizing the present-day tools, techniques, methodologies, metrics, frameworks and solutions to make these enablers work for you and drive the Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency journey forward.
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Supply Chain Resilience Level 3

  • Level 3 is the capstone course to SCR&R on Edukazi. The course will demonstrate the SCR&R mantra of “Know sooner - Act faster!”.
  • While supply chain management has evolved, in terms of improving organizations’ efficiency and profitability by applying tools, methods and new technology, vulnerabilities and risks continue to be exposed through globalization of the supply chain arena. Level 3 combines the knowledge from levels 1 and 2 into a comprehensive body of knowledge on identifying, assessing, mitigating and managing supply chain risk and ensuring a resilient supply chain

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